About MyCareClinic

MyCare Clinic LLC was formed to address the decade’s long skyrocketing healthcare costs in the United States.  Through our decades of experience we have recognized the inefficient delivery and difficult access that individuals and corporations have had with regards to health care and health insurance.  The out-of-control expenses involving increased insurance premiums, the over testing of patient’s and the insufficiency in the overall delivery of healthcare has made medical care and its delivery difficult.  The Over utilization and in personable delivery of healthcare needs to be a thing of the past  We have accomplished this by developing the MyCare Clinic business model which is designed to deliver direct private highly personalized private medical care to any organization that partners with us.  We will then streamline the healthcare  for the organization making it as efficient as possible through containing costs through managing the utilization of medical care including testing and limiting referrals only when necessary and with the occupational corporate component we are able to dramatically affect the costs associated with work related issues including Worker’s Compensation. 

We have proven our concept and model at several locations.  The Carlisle of Naples, an assisted living retirement community, North Naples Fire Rescue, a large private medical device company located locally in SW Florida and our newly announced Pipers Crossing Location.

On March 23, 2010 President Barrack Obama signed “The Affordable Care Act” into law. By the stroke of his pen the United States government implemented the largest and most massive government takeover of a private industry in the history of the county. With its implementation, an estimated 40,000,000 more patients will be seeing a declining number of health care providers, health insurance premiums are continuing to escalate at double digit annual rate increases and medical reimbursements to the providers are on a steady decline due to government mandated price controls.

MyCare Clinic addresses these challenges by offering the development, implementation, staffing and supportive private on site “mini–medical” clinics to our customer organizations through an exclusive, private comprehensive personalized medical membership/concierge program.  We provide our organizational members a customized quality healthcare program designed for each entity or organization

Through our first several years of implementation we have developed numerous proprietary methods of healthcare treatment and delivery systems.  These methodologies have significantly reduced both healthcare premiums and occupational costs to a customer organizations.

We now know that our model demonstrates proven scale ability.  Whether it is a 120 person membership at the assisted living retirement community, a County Government organization with 500 employees or a global cooperation with thousands of employees, our demonstrated achieved results are the same.  Health insurance premiums declined or were adjusted based on the diminished utilization, Worker’s Compensation rates declined along with a dramatic decrease in Worker’s Compensation rates and MOD ratings, organizational productivity increased and the quality and satisfaction of the healthcare to the members dramatically increased, all while having the ability to manage “utilization” efficiently.

This was accomplished by a team of medical professionals and support staff who have decades of medical experience with “first responder”, emergency/ internal medicine and the delivery of concierge private medical services.  Providing the organizations with enhanced healthcare access and attention to the needs of the individuals, utilization has become a large part of how the clinics have been able to maintain such dramatic cost reductions and savings.  Utilization is defined as paying attention to the spend of healthcare dollars, by not ordering inappropriate  tests, knowing when it is appropriate to prescribe medications, sticking to generics first when possible and encouraging individuals to modify their lifestyle with exercise and dieting through appropriate implementation of a Wellness Program.

Our financial model very slightly by the type of customer, but the underlying premise is the same.  The operational costs of the clinic are borne by a private membership fees, the government allocation of certain services such as annually budgeted monies for physical exam programs, or by the allocated capital staffing by corporations.  Our gross profits are derived from the medical services and programmed to deliver these revenues falling into 3 basic categories; private insurance, Medicare and direct pay by the customers of the organization.

As we begin our third year of operations we are starting to receive calls from across the spectrum of assisted living facilities, government organizations, the private sector as well as independent municipal organizations such as fire and law enforcement departments.

If you would like to receive additional information please e-mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.